Posted by A R

So people always wondered, as to what is the "correct" way of applying eyelashes.

So here I've written down a list of things you'll need and remember, practice makes perfect!


  • LashGrip glue
  • Scissor Eyelash curler
  • Mink Eyelash strip
  • Tweezers (optional) -

- Curl your eyelash. Especially the corners, so it doesn't just droop.

- Measure the lash, making sure it's a pinky spaced from the inner corner of your eyes.

-Then cut the lash to fit your eye length.

- Away from the lash squeeze the glue, Until it comes up a little bit, and glide it even on the band of the lash.

- Curve the lash together so it gets both ends.

- Leave to dry for about 20 seconds, til it goes kind of greyish.

- Stick the lash outer end first, laying the lash slightly on top of your real lash.

hold it.

- Once it sits properly, Stick the other side and make it sit right.

(You can use the tweezer if you can't grip on it properly)

- Hold it together checking all edges are stuck to the skin of the eye.

- Curl it if you would like, to really blend it to your own.

They should look perfectly, naturally yours xxx