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5 Minutes with Yen CEO of Diamond Japney + Why You Need to Buy Her Lashes -

Her lashes have been worn and featured by top vloggers and influencers in Australia – some with followers of over 100k. And so when I first met Diamond Japney’s CEO, I was intrigued by the falsies and the woman behind them. Comfy lashes and happy customers are her motto but there is so much more to the business of lashes than meets the eye. I caught up with Yen for a quick Q & A.

1. It seems that every salon is offering eyelash extensions right now, what made you decide to launch a range of false eyelashes over extensions?
Yen: Personally I find with extensions, they pull out my lashes, and my lashes don’t grow in the same direction so putting extension didn’t look good for me. Also I like to rub my eyes at night and really give my bare eye a good wash.

2. Falsies falling off in the middle of an event is one thing everyone dreads. How can we avoid it? Yen: Oh yes, the ultimate question ! Here’s my 2 cents worth. This happens when lashes are too close to the edges of eyes. When you yawn, the tears form and makes the glue tacky so try to stick it slightly higher then your lash line as opposed to close to your lash line. Oh and of course a damn good lash glue helps You can check out the FB page for videos on these kind of tips. 

3. How do you find the right set of eyelashes for your eye shape? Yen: It depends on personal preference. If you like the more winged look (longer on the outside shorter on the inside) or just straight up volume. You can use different lashes for different moods and occasions. But I recommend you find out the length of the lashes you prefer. And go from there. 


4. Bottom lashes – Should we leave them bare?
Yen: Go over it with mascara, or on normal days you can have it bare. The top lashes already does the job on bringing the eyes out anyway.
5. The beauty industry is saturated with lash products. Why did you decide to build a business based on lashes alone?
Yen: I have always love lashes since I was a little girl since about 14-15 years old. And throughout the years I’ve managed to really perfect and master the skills of false lashes. Not to sound too arrogant, but frankly I am quite confident when it came to lashes. I’m now 26. I went through everything you would have gone through wearing lashes.
So I do live and breathe it. Lashes are my passion. You know some people can’t walk out the house without undies, I can’t go without my lashes. But lashes aren’t the only thing I’m all about. It’s more skin deep than that. It’s to really make a difference to empower woman to radiate from within. A piece of art from the heart.
Why You Should Buy Her Lashes
Mink lashes are especially comfortable to wear and great when you have a wedding or function to go to. I love that they make the eyes look full without making you look like a night worker. Plus, for every Pink product that is sold, a donation is made to the Breast Cancer Foundation.
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