About Diamond Japney

We at Mink Lash By Diamond Japney are located in Australia.

We are here to make you look and feel exceptional.

Our goal here is not only to offer you the most beautiful mink lashes that are ridiculously comfy to wear, reasonably priced...

But our main goal is empowering woman by providing them with high quality, high standard.

Piece of art. From the heart.

At Mink Lash By diamond Japney, we are committed to creating the highest quality, holding the best value to customers.

We strive to become Australia's best customer satisfaction base product. And then expand to worldwide.

Empowering woman to look and feel good. Giving back not just one month of the year, but on going.

By contributing to breast cancer foundation for products that is sold.

I truly believe, my business will be Customer focus product. Having gratitude every day.

Our team at MLBDJ we Treat everyone like family. Educate them. Inspire them. Make them feel special. And always up to date with new designs in demand. Encourage woman to bring their most radiance self out into the world