"Completely & utterly obsessed.

I actually really love the lashes, 'desired' is easily my favourite!

I love the drama & wispie-ness of it!

I definitely see myself wearing this one quite a bit."


(lash: #DESIRED)

"I love how fluffy they are, very comfortable to wear.

Desired lashes are my favourite so far,

I could wear them every day!"


"It's a Very pretty box, it's very unique! I've never seen something like this before. And the lashes are also very pretty."


"I really love the lashes!! They are very luxurious and gorgeous, plus the packaging is so beautiful!"


"Packaging first of all is gorgeous. I don't think Ive seen a prettier lash box! The lashes are very beautiful and very comfortable. The band on the lashes aren't too thick which makes them easier to work with when applying! I Love it."


"These lashes are so luxurious, from the moment you open the box til the moment you put them on. The lash band is so comfortable, one of the most comfortable I've worn. The lashes are so wispy and natural looking because of the mink hairs. My favorite style so far are the "shooting daggers" perfect for a winged out eye look!! These lashes are amazing!!"


"Softest and most comfortable lashes I've worn! Luxurious and volumising yet natural looking! Completely in love with #DESIRED"


(lash: #DESIRED)

"These amazing lashes are huge, thick, voluminous, fluffy, whispie.. EVERYTHING I could want in a lash are these lashes! These are very dramatic. And I love them. And honestly I feel like they just complete the look so I highly recommend these !!"


"I love the lashes because they are naturally beautiful, they give you a fuller lash look but without them looking unrealistic. They are very comfortable to wear and the band is easy to place on the lashline. Finally, there is no lash fallout whatsoever which is always super important for me"


"The thing I like the most about the lashes is that they accomplish the task of looking very natural and at the same time look fierce and dramatic !"